Black Youth; Consistently Rob 7-11 Store, in Norfolk Virginia


August 5, 2013 Norfolk Virginia – Employees at a 7-Eleven in Norfolk called 10 On Your Side to help them catch a pair of brazen thieves.

For the past two months, employees say two men have come into their store and stolen cases of beer. The store’s surveillance video has captured the men stealing from the store time and time again.

The thieves are targeting the 7-Eleven on West 38th Street and Colley Avenue. Employees say the thieves walk into the store, head to the beer cooler and then walk right out of the store without paying for the beer. Sometimes, employees say the thieves do it multiple times a day.

Employees say they have more than 20 video clips showing the thieves stealing beer at different times. The thieves don’t follow a particular schedule. Employees say they steal from the store in the early morning hours, evening, and even when it’s quiet in the store.

Employees say the thieves always go for 12-pack cases of Heineken, Corona, or Budweiser, and the thieves are cutting into the store’s income. In one month, a store manager told 10 On Your Side they lost $5,000 from stolen inventory.

“A lot of stuff somebody has to pay for. So it’s like, you go into the store and you take it, and it’s money we’re losing, possibly a loss with the store. And eventually, it will come down to…if they keep taking 12-packs, it’s like we’re losing all the money ourselves, and possibly we might lose out on a job because the store is not making enough money to replace these items,” said Kenton Amos, assistant manager.

The store has filed several police reports about the thefts. Not one of the thieves has been caught. If you know anything about these thefts, call the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.


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