Burleson Rec Center Tells Lucy Eades; It’s Illegal to Breatsfeed Children in Public – Texas


August 4, 2013 Burleson Texas – There was more fallout Saturday after a woman asked not to breastfeed in the Burleson Rec Center.

Since our story on Friday’s News 8 at 10, WFAA viewers have been sounding off on Twitter, Facebook, and in person.

Some mothers are so fired up, they’ve now planned a “nurse-in” at the rec center next Saturday at 10 a.m.

According to the organizers’ Facebook page, dozens of women have already signed up.

“Pinpointing two nursing mothers that were doing this modestly and discreetly, she made an issue out of nothing,” said Heather Ward.

“Women don’t realize that they have that right, and other people don’t realize that it’s the law,” added Atoosa Kourosh.

The controversy started after Lucy Eades was asked to “cover up” by a worker at the Burleson Rec Center. Her husband captured the ensuing confrontation on his smartphone.

The city-owned rec center was holding a camp for children at the time, and defended its actions by saying mothers were only asked to cover up near the entrance where the kids could see.

Texas, Atoosa Kourosh, Johnson County, Burlson, Tarrant County, Fort Worth, Breastfeeding


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