LGBT Community; Visciously Attacks Russian People/Products. Buy Russian Products NOW!


August 1, 2013 United States – LGBT maliciously maligns/insults Russian people and their products.  The response to the malice should be the purchase of Russian Products. Russians have every right to their beliefs without the intolerance of a few LGBT Bigots.

As a Christian who lives in America, I am outraged by their conduct and statements against Russia. The LGBT community has continued in their aggressive attacks against those who are Christians in America and abroad. The bigotry within the LGBT community, is extreme.  And it’s intensifying. It won’t be long before the persecution of Non -Gays comes- annihilating all their credibility.

It’s come time for all of us to come together and start filing law suits against these people for religious bigotry, and hate-speech. We need laws in the USA protecting Religious freedom from LGBT bigotry, as shown in this video.

I encourage all Anti-Gay Americans to buy Russian.


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