Edward Johnson ambushes M.D. Anderson employee in Parking Garage, Houston Texas


August 1, 2013, Houston Texas – Police are looking for the suspect who assaulted an M.D. Anderson employee inside a Texas Medical Center garage.

The victim was attacked around 8:30 a.m. on Friday, July 26, after parking on the 4th floor of garage 10.

Police say Edward Johnson ambushed her, but she fought back.

“She struggled against him, trying to get him away from her, kept making noise, honking the horn,” said Inspector Stefan Happ with the UT Police Department.

Johnson fled on foot.

Police think he wanted the victim’s purse and cell phone, or possibly her car.

Police have been posting fliers to warn others to be on the lookout for Johnson, 31.

They say he could be armed and dangerous.

“You just have to be cautious and watch where you’re going and I pray a lot,” said Peggy Sells, a patient.

Karen Hagin is also being extra cautious after visiting the Medical Center three days in a row.

“I think they need more security because there is none. I never see security driving around or anything,” said Hagin. “I just try to be smart, look around a lot, have my keys ready, that kind of thing. I don’t have mace or anything like that.”

Police says the victim did the right thing in this case, and others should do the same if they’re approached.

“Make a lot of noise,” Happ said. “Honk, yell ‘fire,’ run, attract attention to yourself.”

Police used evidence left at the scene to link Johnson to the attack. They say he has a long rap sheet and they believe he may be responsible for other crimes in the Medical Center area.

Johnson is African-American, about 6’1 and weighs about 145 pounds. He has brown eyes, black hair and a dark complexion.

If you see him, call 911 or the UTPD at 713-792-2890


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