Antoni Tippins Guns Down and Kills Jarid Little at Gordon Food Mart in, Valdosta Georgia


August 1, 2013 Valdosta Georgia – Valdosta Police are  looking for 31-year-old Antoni Tippins. They believe he gunned down a man outside Gordon Food Mart and is now likely hiding out in south Georgia or north Florida.

A drive by shooting Tuesday night took the life of 24-year-old Jarid Little.

“We saw that a car had come off the street, came in, starting shooting. And we saw that the guys body was right about here because you can still see some of the blood,” described Setu Patal who witnessed the shooting.

Patal was working at Gordon Food Mart when a SUV pulled up and a man got out and starting shooting at the car Little was in.

“As I’m trying to call 911 they took the body and just drove off to the hospital. And the shooter had already driven off before that,” said Patal.

Shortly after police identified Antoni Tippins known as “Snapper” as the shooter.

“He is extremely dangerous. He has a gang affiliation, he is a known gang member. We are currently looking for him,” said Valdosta Police Chief Brian Childress.

With just one bullet hole damaging Patal’s family’s store, he says he’s thankful his family is okay. “My aunt was just about to leave the store when we stopped her for something, or she would have been in direct line of the shots. So she was saved.”

Chief Childress says he has one message he’s wants people to know. “We will not in any fashion or form tolerate any retaliation. If we get wind or find out that anyone retaliates, those people will go to prison.”

Police are working to find to out if this shooting is related to the other two shootings Tuesday night in Valdosta.

Police say they don’t know the motive for Little’s shooting. But Little’s aunt told us it stemmed from an argument between two groups at a local club last weekend. She says her nephew was not there that night and unfortunately was just caught in the crossfire Tuesday night.


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