Edward Alemany; Murders and Kidnaps Amy Lord in, Boston Massachusetts


July 31, 2013 Boston Massachusetts – Phone calls and emails that went unanswered led the demotion of a Boston police detective in connection with a case involving the man considered the person of interest in the death of a South Boston woman.

Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said Edwin Alemany was never arrested because Detective Jerome Hall-Brewster decided there was not enough probable cause to bring the case to a court clerk, the Boston Globe reported.

In September 2012, a woman was choked until she passed out. When she regained consciousness, Alemany’s wallet, with an identification card, was found in the victim’s hand. The Globe reported that Alemany will now be charged in that case.

The crime lab repeatedly tried to contact Hall-Brewster about evidence collected at the crime scene to get more information, but he “never returned their call or emails,” Davis said.

Alemany has been arrested in connection with assaults on two other women in South Boston and is the person of interest in the kidnapping and stabbing death of Amy Lord.

The 24-year-old, who was laid to rest Tuesday, was found dead in Hyde Park last week, after police said she had been kidnapped and forced to withdraw money at several ATMs.


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