Black, Cornelius Davis; Shoots Gay, Eric Bunzow, at St Petes Gay Parade – Florida

July 31,2013 Clearwater Florida – Cornelius Davis is back behind bars in the Pinellas County Jail after a botched bond hearing Wednesday morning.

Davis, 20, is accused of shooting Eric Bunzow at the St. Pete Pride weekend in late June.  This after Bunzow said Davis was shouting derogatory slurs and obscenities at he and his friends.

Wednesday, Davis, the father of three small children, was supposed to have a bond set for his newly reduced charge of aggravated battery.  There was a good chance his $75,000 bond would be reduced by the judge after a series of questions were answered.

The State Attorney’s Office dropped the initial charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, citing the circumstances of the case and the weapon used.

Unfortunately, Bunzow still has no answers as to what the outcome of all of this may be as Davis was sent back to jail after he couldn’t tell Judge Christine Hellinger his address.  She asked Davis and his attorney several times to produce an address, they couldn’t do so.

Bunzow, smirking in the courtroom at times, was visibly unhappy with the hearing.

At one point, Bunzow was even asked to stand just feet away from Davis.  Judge Hellinger asked if he was afraid of Davis.

“Maybe,” said Bunzow.  “Sometimes.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about it.”

Hellinger wanted Davis’s address to ensure the two didn’t live in close proximity.

While the hearing was postponed until Friday, August 2, Bunzow’s thoughts about the incident have not changed.

“I don’t want him to skip out on this,” said Bunzow outside of the Pinellas County Courthouse after the hearing.

“For shooting someone, whether it be with a BB gun or a standard firearm or a glock or whatever.  You’re still shooting at another human being, and that’s just not right.”


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