Ban – Delete Facebook, Carrie Cossey – Houston Texas


Facebook is a Criminals Wet Dream. If a Predator wanted to find out about you, Facebook would be the first place he/she would search.

Never, Ever put up Current pictures, your real name, or your authentic location. Any information that is truly your personal information can be searched online and used against you. Make up an anonymous location. Never give out current or future events you will be participating in. Even if you lock down your account, someone in your circle could unknowingly hand out information to one of their friends or unknown friends.

Children/Minors should NOT have an account on Facebook. That is extremely dangerous. Children are naive and gullible. Full of energy and some times full of resentment. The power of Facebook is way too much for a minor. It should be completely avoided by Parents.

Facebook SHOULD BE considered a 18+ year-old Adult Website.

July 31, 2013 Kingwood, Houston Texas – The parents of a missing 15-year-old Kingwood girl are worried sick that she might be with someone who lured her away online.

“The last person that she was speaking to was through Facebook,” said the teen’s father Dennis Cossey.

Carrie Cossey had no phone, no money and left her Kingwood home on July 25 with some clothes stuffed in a backpack.

“You just try to carry on and it’s really hard especially at night,” said Michelle Cossey.

Michelle admits that her daughter had been distant recently and was corresponding with someone named “Travis Wills” but that’s all Facebook officials would tell them.

“Kids just don’t think about what they’re doing to their parents,” Michelle said. “Just night after night and I go in her room and she’s not there.”

Harris County Sgt. Doug Thomas is with the Missing Persons Unit and he said it’s a growing problem. Now, more than half the cases classified as runaways generally involve some type of social media.

“It’s a double-edged sword,” Sgt. Thomas said. “We use it to find them and they use it to escape sometimes.”

Sgt. Thomas can’t stress the importance of making sure you know who your children are talking to online.

There was a tip that someone spotted Carrie at a motel near Kingwood on Friday but she wasn’t found. Her parents believe the person on Facebook might be from the New Caney area.

They just hope that Carrie is not in any trouble and comes home soon.

“Every day that goes by, I get more worried that something bad happened,” Michelle said. “I don’t want to think that.”

The Cossey’s have posted flyers from Humble to Splendora in hopes of finding Carrie.

For more information on recent missing persons cases in Harris County or to report a sighting


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