Majority of Lithuanian’s; Protest the Gay Parade – with Massive Police Presence, Protecting Gays


July 28, 2013 Vilnius Lithuania – A Gay Parade was held in Vilnius, with a massive police presence, protecting the smaller group of Homosexuals and Gay Protestors. The March was mainly made-up of foreign elements within Europe.

The Commissars working at the European Union staged the events intentionally – to show that they’re in control. Unfortunately, these marches are being met with severe resistance.

The American and European News Agencies have been lying to the Public about the size of the Pro-Gay March, versus the Anti-Gay Protestors, in order to fabricate the idea they most Lithuanians are Pro-Homosexual – when in reality a three year ban was just lifted by the Commissars of the EU. These Fabrications by the European Union won’t last long, as the resistance to the Pro-Homosexual Agenda will come to a Violent Opposition.

I suspect the usual suspects of the EU, which are made-up of Government/Agent Provocateurs, publicly presenting a fabricated image of the world – so the European Union can continue wrecking Europe.

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