Disturbing Smack Cam, Vine video, Wigger Cam

Internet memes used to be fun, sometimes even endearing, now they’re just mean.

The latest meme causing a stir is called #SmackCam where people film friends smacking friends, younger siblings and perhaps even others they don’t like.

#SmackCam started as a joke between its creators and has quickly grown into something much more nefarious, often at the expense of defenseless young girls.

People of all ages are smacking each other and putting it on the Vine video-sharing site.

Started by two friends as way to make each other laugh, #SmackCam started with innocent, but mean-spirited assaults on each other, but quickly grew to involve hand cream, eggs and shaving cream.

One #SmackCam enthusiast, an 18-year-old from Michigan, says on his Vine profile that he enjoys track and thinks it’s hilarious to slap little girls in the face until they cry, according to Jezebel.

A video of another thug smashing a girl over the head so hard she appears to fall down in a daze was taken down, with the girl in the video later recording another Vine saying she was in on the joke.

Simulated or not, the violent acts are upsetting many people and are deemed by most as reprehensible.

Here’s hoping this meme goes away faster than Trayvoning.


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