New York – Black, Dro-Man, Weed World Vans Sells Marijuana Candies


July 24, 2013 New York – The Dro-man — the only name he would give Fox 5 — distributes an assortment of different marijuana-flavored candies from the back of a van.

And he seemed unaware of why that job-description might not scream “legitimacy” to passers-by.

Dro-man avoided telling us if his lollipops contained enough THC to actually get suckers high.

“It’s barely legal,” he said.

In other words, if this vehicle passes you on the street no need to call the cops.

“Nah, you wouldn’t get in trouble for messing around with a pop,” Dro said.

The Dro-man said his nationwide fleet of vehicles — a dozen in New York — serves the joint purpose of blazing around the country to campaign for the legalization of cannabis.

“Bring about marijuana awareness,” he said.

And so, while the weed-wagons may not keep a low-profile, not even ice-cream trucks stay as chill.


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