Budva, Montenegro – Majority of people protest against Homosexual-Gay Parade

July 24, 2013 Budva, Montenegro — Montenegro people protest the Parade, as a Parade of Shame. The majority of People in Montenegro are against homosexuality – and have shown their frustration for their public displays, through verbal insults and violence.

Before joining the EU, the Montenegro people must be subjected to homosexual propaganda – as you can see from the video, most Montenegro’s dislike the parade. The majority of people are showing their disdain for the EU’s participation in what the majority feels as immoral. So immoral to the people of Budva, women are publicly threatening to harm them.

The EU is falling apart fast – as can be seen in Greece, Hungary, Spain and other countries, within Europe. The people behind the European Union do not have the best interests of the majority within Europe. It’s designed to force the minority over the majority, thereby forcing the majority to be subjected to what a few want.

This is a huge slap to the people of Montenegro, by the EU. The majority of citizens in Budva, must confront their government and tell them these parades are not acceptable. The Government must listen to the majority, or the people have a right to evict them.


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