Black Muslim Woman Murders 66 Year-Old White-Man, Jerry Wheeler




A 32-year-old woman accused of murdering her neighbor — a beloved Douglasville auto shop owner and father of a local deputy — defied the Douglas County judge as she stood before him Thursday morning.
“I am my lawyer right now and he’s speaking through to me,” said Sahara Fakhir, a potentially imposing figure standing six feet, two inches tall and weighing an estimated 450 pounds.

The judge asked, “Are you going to get a lawyer?”

“Allah is my lawyer right now, and if you do not release me, Allah will have his vengeance on you like he did in 2009, when he sent that flood,” Fakhir said.

Fakhir’s mother doesn’t believe her daughter killed anyone.
“Sahara’s not a murderer, what she does is go to prayer service,” said Barbara Fakhir. “That’s all she does, go to prayer service, put in applications online — that’s it.”

Records show that Fakhir was on probation when 66-year-old Jerry Wheeler was found stabbed to death in his home last June. She’d been convicted of making terrorist threats in 2009.

Wheeler’s family members recalled him as a loving husband, father and grandfather. They say they want justice for this unthinkable act of violence. Investigators have yet to confirm a motive in the fatal stabbing.

A grand jury will now hear the evidence and decide if they will indict Fakhir. That will happen the first week of August


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