Black Man in Hoodie kidnaps, murders, possible rape White Woman, Dearborn Michigan

ImageBody of missing Michigan woman, 20, who was abducted from dollar store in deadly heist is found in wooded area two miles away

Brenna Kathleen Marcus, 20, had been missing since Monday night. She was kidnapped after her co-worker, 20-year-old Joseph Orlando, was shot dead at the Family Dollar store in Michigan. Detectives found her car outside the store but no trace of her. They have released CCTV footage of a man suspected of abducting her.

Police have have released CCTV footage of a man suspected of killing Mr Orlando and fear that 20-year-old Ms Machus may be in danger after they found her car parked outside the store, but no trace of her.

Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad said: ‘Our investigation in ongoing and all of our resources are currently being utilized to locate Ms Machus and identify and apprehend the perpetrator of this vicious crime.’

Mr Orlando’s body was found on Tuesday morning after staff arrived at the store to open for the day and found the shop in disarray.

According to the Detroit Free Press, the suspect targeted the store’s safe and cash drawer.

Surveilance cameras caught the suspect dressed in a dark hooded jacket, blue jeans and white shoes, as he entered the store at around 7.30pm on Monday.

The suspect, who appears to be a man, waves his hand at someone as he enters the store and is seen grabbing a shopping trolley.

Ms Machus’s picture has been circulated on social networking websites and a Find Brenna Machus page set up on Facebook.

A message from Ms Machus’s family posted on the page said: ‘It haunts our minds to think of what she is going through

‘We want her home safely. She is a daughter,sister, aunt, cousin, niece and friend. She does not deserve to miss out on being any of these.’


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