LGBT Lesbian, Amanda Feenstra; Seduces and Molests A Minor, in Houston Texas


July 31, 2012 Houston Texas –  Today, a former Humble ISD dance teacher charged with having sex with a student will be in court for a hearing.

Amanda Feenstra, 31, is accused of seducing and molesting a female student. The student says the relationship went on for more than a year in 2010 and 2011.

Feenstra has been free on $30,000 bail. The case is being decided by a grand jury.


Black, Cornelius Davis; Shoots Gay, Eric Bunzow, at St Petes Gay Parade – Florida

July 31,2013 Clearwater Florida – Cornelius Davis is back behind bars in the Pinellas County Jail after a botched bond hearing Wednesday morning.

Davis, 20, is accused of shooting Eric Bunzow at the St. Pete Pride weekend in late June.  This after Bunzow said Davis was shouting derogatory slurs and obscenities at he and his friends.

Wednesday, Davis, the father of three small children, was supposed to have a bond set for his newly reduced charge of aggravated battery.  There was a good chance his $75,000 bond would be reduced by the judge after a series of questions were answered.

The State Attorney’s Office dropped the initial charge of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, citing the circumstances of the case and the weapon used.

Unfortunately, Bunzow still has no answers as to what the outcome of all of this may be as Davis was sent back to jail after he couldn’t tell Judge Christine Hellinger his address.  She asked Davis and his attorney several times to produce an address, they couldn’t do so.

Bunzow, smirking in the courtroom at times, was visibly unhappy with the hearing.

At one point, Bunzow was even asked to stand just feet away from Davis.  Judge Hellinger asked if he was afraid of Davis.

“Maybe,” said Bunzow.  “Sometimes.  There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about it.”

Hellinger wanted Davis’s address to ensure the two didn’t live in close proximity.

While the hearing was postponed until Friday, August 2, Bunzow’s thoughts about the incident have not changed.

“I don’t want him to skip out on this,” said Bunzow outside of the Pinellas County Courthouse after the hearing.

“For shooting someone, whether it be with a BB gun or a standard firearm or a glock or whatever.  You’re still shooting at another human being, and that’s just not right.”

Ariana O’Neal and Davon Smallwood jumped to their deaths – Queens Village, New York

July 31, 2013 – Queens Village New York – A despondent young couple, under pressure to break off their romance, instead chose suicide in front of a speeding LIRR train — leaving behind a multipage note that said they were going to a better place, sources told The Post yesterday.

“Two great people” are going to “paradise,” they wrote in a blue stenographer’s pad that was found on the Hollis, Queens, platform after their death leap Monday night.

“Everything will be good,” the note said.

Davon Smallwood, 25, and Ariana O’Neal, 21 — whose mother disapproved of their relationship — lived in Queens Village with their 2-year-old daughter.

In addition to the note, the tragic couple also left behind a black garbage bag stuffed with clothing, a bottle of Gorgi vodka and a can of Coca-Cola.

The young lovers had no IDs, and cops had to run their fingerprints to get their names. Most of their suicide note was in “illegible gibberish,” the sources said.

O’Neal recently ran away because her mother demanded she no longer bring Smallwood to the house, police sources said.

The mom was upset over his recent trouble with the law.“Her mom didn’t want the boyfriend living with all of them,” her landlord, Kinsley Senior, said last night. “She didn’t like him.”

The two were arrested earlier this month for allegedly stealing jewelry from a Jamaica, Queens store. A neighbor said they both dyed their hair red recently.

Terri Simmons, who lives directly across from the station, said she had never seen Smallwood before, but often saw O’Neal moping around the area.

She would spend hours sitting on a urine-soaked stairway leading to the railroad platform.

Simmons, 50, said she approached the young woman several times to ask if she was all right, but she never even raised her head.

At around 10:15 p.m. Monday, Simmons heard a “boom” from the bodies’ impact with the Manhattan-bound express train, and ran to the station.

An MTA cop who responded to the scene read the first page of the notebook and said, “Oh, my God, it’s a suicide note!”

He then put the notebook back on the platform and snapped pictures of every page, Simmons said.

MTA officials said the train was traveling 80 mph — the “maximum allowable speed” — as it barreled toward Penn Station.

The engineer spotted the couple moments before they leaped in front of his train, but was unable to stop in time, he told investigators.

The impact cracked the windshield.

About 125 passengers were on board the train, which was held at the station for nearly two hours as the couple’s mangled bodies were removed.

Ban – Delete Facebook, Carrie Cossey – Houston Texas


Facebook is a Criminals Wet Dream. If a Predator wanted to find out about you, Facebook would be the first place he/she would search.

Never, Ever put up Current pictures, your real name, or your authentic location. Any information that is truly your personal information can be searched online and used against you. Make up an anonymous location. Never give out current or future events you will be participating in. Even if you lock down your account, someone in your circle could unknowingly hand out information to one of their friends or unknown friends.

Children/Minors should NOT have an account on Facebook. That is extremely dangerous. Children are naive and gullible. Full of energy and some times full of resentment. The power of Facebook is way too much for a minor. It should be completely avoided by Parents.

Facebook SHOULD BE considered a 18+ year-old Adult Website.

July 31, 2013 Kingwood, Houston Texas – The parents of a missing 15-year-old Kingwood girl are worried sick that she might be with someone who lured her away online.

“The last person that she was speaking to was through Facebook,” said the teen’s father Dennis Cossey.

Carrie Cossey had no phone, no money and left her Kingwood home on July 25 with some clothes stuffed in a backpack.

“You just try to carry on and it’s really hard especially at night,” said Michelle Cossey.

Michelle admits that her daughter had been distant recently and was corresponding with someone named “Travis Wills” but that’s all Facebook officials would tell them.

“Kids just don’t think about what they’re doing to their parents,” Michelle said. “Just night after night and I go in her room and she’s not there.”

Harris County Sgt. Doug Thomas is with the Missing Persons Unit and he said it’s a growing problem. Now, more than half the cases classified as runaways generally involve some type of social media.

“It’s a double-edged sword,” Sgt. Thomas said. “We use it to find them and they use it to escape sometimes.”

Sgt. Thomas can’t stress the importance of making sure you know who your children are talking to online.

There was a tip that someone spotted Carrie at a motel near Kingwood on Friday but she wasn’t found. Her parents believe the person on Facebook might be from the New Caney area.

They just hope that Carrie is not in any trouble and comes home soon.

“Every day that goes by, I get more worried that something bad happened,” Michelle said. “I don’t want to think that.”

The Cossey’s have posted flyers from Humble to Splendora in hopes of finding Carrie.

For more information on recent missing persons cases in Harris County or to report a sighting

White-LGBT Female, Dance Teacher; Stalks, and Manipulates A Black-Minor, Houston Texas


July 31, 2013 Houston Texas – A former Humble High School teacher charged with having an improper relationship with one of her female students appeared in court Tuesday.

The alleged victim’s mother said Amanda Feestra stalked and controlled her daughter, who was 17 at the time.

“She tormented her. She told her her mom was dying and she was not going to have anybody else to depend on,” the woman said.  “She weaved her way into her life with materialistic things that she didn’t need.”

Feestra had her case re-set for a later date, and it’s not the first time her lawyers have asked for a delay.

The girl’s mother says she’ll wait as long as it takes to see justice.

Carlos Hyde Is 100% Guilty of Assault, at a Diversity Bar


July 31, 2013 Columbus Ohio –  Police released video of an altercation at a Downtown bar involving OSU football player Carlos Hyde hours after announcing the running back would not be charged in connection with the incident. In the surveillance footage from Sugar Bar 2, Hyde is seen approaching a woman who was dancing on a riser after talking with a group of men on the club’s floor. As Hyde began to walk away from the riser, the woman appeared to take a swing at him, which was immediately followed by an apparent retaliation from Hyde. Police released the footage after the woman involved in the altercation decided against pursuing charges, resulting in the investigation’s closure. OSU head coach Urban Meyer — who indefinitely suspended Hyde after the investigation was announced — has not commented on the video or Hyde’s future with the team.

Edward Alemany; Murders and Kidnaps Amy Lord in, Boston Massachusetts


July 31, 2013 Boston Massachusetts – Phone calls and emails that went unanswered led the demotion of a Boston police detective in connection with a case involving the man considered the person of interest in the death of a South Boston woman.

Boston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said Edwin Alemany was never arrested because Detective Jerome Hall-Brewster decided there was not enough probable cause to bring the case to a court clerk, the Boston Globe reported.

In September 2012, a woman was choked until she passed out. When she regained consciousness, Alemany’s wallet, with an identification card, was found in the victim’s hand. The Globe reported that Alemany will now be charged in that case.

The crime lab repeatedly tried to contact Hall-Brewster about evidence collected at the crime scene to get more information, but he “never returned their call or emails,” Davis said.

Alemany has been arrested in connection with assaults on two other women in South Boston and is the person of interest in the kidnapping and stabbing death of Amy Lord.

The 24-year-old, who was laid to rest Tuesday, was found dead in Hyde Park last week, after police said she had been kidnapped and forced to withdraw money at several ATMs.